Reunions Cost
Reunions Cost
What is Family Dues?  The money is used to pay to for event halls, food & beverages, chartered transportation, vendors, etc.  It’s also used to help subsidize the overall operating costs of hosting our reunion.

Why is it Important to Paying Dues?  Hosting a family reunion takes time, planning and most of all funds.  In addition, there are upfront fees & deposits that must be paid in advance in order to secure your location, catering and other costs associated with reunion expenses.  Therefore, is important to pay your dues and [monthly assessments] on time. 

As our family continues to grow, the number of elders increase.  For this purpose it is even more important that we pay out dues because it helps us provide financial assistance to our elders and those who may want to attend the reunion but are financially unable to do so.

*If you need assistance, please contact [TBD].

How Much Are Dues And When Should I Pay Them?  The average reunion cost is $50-$100 per person.  Depending on location, menu, and other costs the amount changes from year to year.  In order to keep reunion dues at a minimum it is important to pay your assessment on time and before the due date.