Our Churches

Canaan Baptist Church

The Canaan Baptist Church is approximately 124 years old.  It was established in the year of our Lord and Savior 1878 as said by some of our fore parents.

The first service was held in a house on County Road near the lake.  Services were held there for several years.  Finally the time came to build.  The Campbell's gave this spot of land to build a log church.  Service was held there for many, many years under the Pastorship of Reverend C. C. Sterling.

The members decided to build another church but due to financial problems it was not completed.  As time passed on, Brother Frank Akles was working for Riddle Sawmill.  He told the members he would have the lumber brought out to start another church and suggested that he and the members build it themselves.  The church was completed and services were held there until the pillars began to fall.  At this point Brother Frank Akles suggested they would start a Building Fund and build another church.  Brother Akles donated the first $10.00 and on that particular Sunday the first $100 was raised at the Canaan Baptist Church.  Reverend W. L. Hardnett was the pastor at that time and the building which we currently attend services was built.  Since that time there have been several additions.

Known Pastors

Rev. C.C. Sterling, Randolph Co.,   Rev. W. L. Hardnett, Alexandria City, AL

Rev. E. H. Bowles, Bowdon, GA      Dr. Jessee Montgomery, Oxford, AL

Rev. E. Z. Knight, Ashland, AL        Rev. C.L. Sims, Anniston, AL

Rev. E. S. Truss, Heflin, AL             Rev. Timothy Caldwell, Anniston, AL

Rev. Davis, Anniston, AL                Rev. Edward L. Turner, Talladega, AL

Rev. Brown, Talladega, AL

Known Deacons

Dea. Elbert Wilson                                              Dea. Sam Brown
Dea. Johnny Echoles                                           Dea. Paul Heard
Dea. Henry Echoles                                             Dea. Roosevelt Cooley
Dea. Sandy E. Wilson                                          Dea. Newman Akles
Dea. Jim Cooley                                                   Dea. Wayne McBride
Dea. Lewis Akles

Members Who Became Ministers

Rev. Dave Brown

Rev. Tom Gunn

Rev. Carey Heard

Rev. Elbert Wilson

Rev. Wallace Cooley


Sis. Laura Sterling

Sis. Bertha Nix

Sis. Eula V. Dunn
Sis. Isabell Akles
Sis. Bessie Cooley

Financial Secretary

Sis. Delois Brown

Sis. Rosa McBride

Flint Ridge Missionary Baptit Church
Flint Ridge Missionary Baptit Church
Oak Grove A.M.E. Church
Oak Grove A.M.E. Church